Edinburgh Partnership

About the Edinburgh Partnership

The Edinburgh Partnership provides an over-arching Community Planning framework strengthening, co-ordinating and simplifying partnership working in the city. The following explains how the Edinburgh Partnership manages its business:

The Edinburgh Partnership Board

The Edinburgh Partnership Board is the strategic decision making body for the Partnership. The Board meets four times a year and is responsible for the Edinburgh Partnership Single Outcome Agreement (SOA) and for all joint commitments for major service and infrastructure projects.

Our Partners

The Edinburgh Partnership is the community planning partnership for the city and brings together the public, community, voluntary and business sectors to deliver a better quality of life in Edinburgh. Our partners are:

Each agency is represented on the Edinburgh Partnership Board – the strategic decision making body for the Partnership. There is also a board member to advise on equality and diversity and another representing the Neighbourhood Partnerships.

The Edinburgh Partnership Executive

The Edinburgh Partnership Executive comprises the chief officers of the city’s public sector agencies and the chair of the Compact Partnership.  It ensures the Board’s decisions are implemented.

The Edinburgh Partnership is supported by a ‘family’ of Strategic Partnerships operating at a city level, and a set of 12 Neighbourhood Partnerships operating locally.