Council Grants to Third Parties

Applying for Council Grants


As a result of the on-going Review of Council Grants to Third Parties, the Council process of awarding grants is changing in a number of ways. In order to achieve better alignment with Council and city priorities, separate grant programmes are being run by the various Council services. These programmes have retained as much consistency as possible but the application forms and timescales for each vary in important ways. To make an application for 2016/17 grant funding (and beyond in some programmes) you need to follow the relevant link below.

Information and application forms for grants applicants who provide services for:

Any applicant wishing to apply to more than one area can do so but needs complete all the relevant application forms. The application forms design allows common information to be easily copy and pasted from one form to another.


The review of Council Grants to Third Parties arose from a Council decision in February 2013 which stated that the review would be “…conducted in partnership with third sector stakeholders to ensure financial sustainability for organisations and value for money for the Council.”

The review fits within the Cooperative Capital initiative aimed at making the Council more cooperative in the way it buys and grant aids goods and services.

Briefing Notes from Councillor Child

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