What are Localities?

Locality working was introduced to Edinburgh last year, and supported by the Fire and Rescue Service and Police Scotland.   

There are four localities in Edinburgh – details of the geography for each of these areas and the current voluntary sector forums that are in them can be found here.

Download a copy of the localities directory. This directory provides you with your key contacts in the Locality teams along with other important local contacts in our Council services. It also provides you with the lead contacts in each locality for all of our strategic partners, who are all members of the Locality Leadership Teams.

Edinburgh Localities 2016

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Why the move to Localities?

Locality working is a legal requirement of the Health and Social Care Partnership and City of Edinburgh Council has decided to move to the same model, believing that this change will help the services deliver better outcomes through being less bureaucratic, more agile and innovative in approaches. Their need for cost savings through staff reductions have also reinforced this move.  Police Scotland and the Fire and Rescue Service are supportive of the move and are aligning to the model. The aim of locality working is to improve outcomes for individuals, improve partnership working and information exchange within the public sector and with voluntary sector organisations. More info available at www.evoc.org.uk 

There is an overall desired outcome that Edinburgh citizens will receive better co-produced services with the third sector as a key partner.   

What does it mean for the Third Sector?

We held ThinkSpace events in each locality to update organisations and groups on locality working and to discuss how the Third Sector can be represented in localities. The papers relevant to each locality can be found under each locality.

Here are the notes gathered from the robust discussions at these events: Report from four Locality Think Space Events

Locality Leadership groups have been established for each locality with monthly meetings planned. As a result of the discussions the following immediate actions have resulted:

  • The Third Sector Lead will now be referred to as the Third Sector Representative
  • As well as EVOC staff representing the third sector at these meetings there will also be a Chair from one of the voluntary sector forums attending these meetings.
  • A session will be held at the next meeting where EVOC can report back from these ThinkSpaces.
  • EVOC is applying for support to support better communications across the third sector regarding locality working.

As locality working develops and grows in each locality; funding, partnership working, colocation, and consultation will increasingly be in localities. Working in partnership with the Third Sector is a key aspect of locality working and input from the Third Sector in localities are being sought via the Voluntary Sector Forums (VSF). EVOC and the VSF chairs attend the locality leadership meetings to represent the Third Sector. 

Locality Working Groups

The five Locality Working Groups for each locality are in the process of being set up, these will each have a Third Sector Representative established via the local voluntary sector forums. We are currently working with the VSFs to find volunteers for the Locality Working Groups. 

5-Year Locality Improvement Plans (LIPS)

Each Locality is required to develop 5-year Locality Improvement Plans. There are 2 consultation phases, Phase 1 is looking at the wider needs of a locality and is being carried out through a range of conslation events in each locality between October and December 2016. Phase 2 looks at very specific issues in localities, these may be geographical neighbourhoods or particular issues for a locality such as mental health, domestic violence, pollution. 

How does a Voluntary Sector Organisation keep up and influence?

  1. EVOC’s website has latest information about locality working and about the locality leadership meetings evoc.org.uk/information/localities
  2. VSFs are the forum for Third Sector organisations to network and keep-up with developments in your area, including information exchange with locality leadership meetings and also the locality working groups.   The VSFs take place quarterly, are open to anyone working in the Third Sector, and are chaired by a colleague working in the Third Sector supported by EVOC.  The minutes are posted up on EVOC’s website: http://www.evoc.org.uk/networks/voluntary-sector-forums/


PLEASE NOTE –influencing the locality leadership meetings can be done via the quarterly local Voluntary Sector Forums

To access information on a particular locality please click on the links below