The Policing 2026 consultation has now closed

We have had excellent engagement from across a whole range of stakeholders – internal and external – to test our thinking.

We sought views on the draft Police Scotland Logostrategy in a nationwide consultation that ran between February and May 2017. 1715 responses were received, supplemented by additional feedback gathered from staff, partners and the public at events and meetings both before and during the consultation. The strategy was well received with the majority agreeing with the proposals and our approach to all questions. Feedback was generally very positive about the vision set out in the strategy, the means of achieving it, and prospects for delivering sustained excellence in service and protection for the people of Scotland.

Importantly, we have reflected on what you and others have said and we have adjusted the strategy, with, for example, a greater emphasis on recognising the needs of our remote and rural communities. We have also made more specific reference to outlining our commitment to staff welfare and wellbeing. The final strategy was laid before Parliament on 20 June 2017 and ratified by the SPA Board on 22 June. Read the 2026 Strategy.

What’s next?

Police Scotland will begin the next phase of work to take forward the strategy by developing its implementation plan for the next three years, with the SPA holding Police Scotland to account for delivery through its governance and oversight structures.

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