Single Outcome Agreement

Edinburgh’s SOA3 agreed:

An aspiration worth aiming for

“EDINBURGH is a thriving, successful and sustainable capital city, in which all forms of deprivation and inequality are reduced.”

So goes the overarching vision within Edinburgh’s Single Outcome Agreement 2012-2015 (called SOA3 as this is the third iteration.) Community Planning partners across the city have come together to articulate an ‘agenda for Edinburgh’ which starts with the overarching vision of a capital city in which all forms of deprivation and inequality are reduced.

A Single Outcome Agreement is the means by which a Community Planning Partnership agrees its strategic priorities for its place. These priorities are expressed as outcomes towards which all partners work. Single Outcome Agreements explicitly relate to the Scottish Government’s National Performance Framework.

Edinburgh’s SOA has been built through a detailed process of discussion, engagement and analysis taken forward by the Edinburgh Partnership ‘family’ on behalf of the city’s Community Planning partners – aimed, ultimately, at delivering desired outcomes for Edinburgh’s people.

EVOC Director Ella Simpson is a member of the Edinburgh Partnership Board. The Edinburgh Compact Partnership is a Strategic Partnership within the ‘family.’ The Chair of the Compact Partnership VCE Director Harriet Eadie is a member of the Edinburgh Partnership Executive. Harriet also co-chairs the Edinburgh Partnership’s Poverty & Inequality Theme Group, which has lead responsibility for ensuring that partners’ and partnership action to tackle deprivation and inequality is effectively joined up.